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Converting Jazz IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) Work Items to GitHub Issues

Feb. 2nd 2012

I have recently been converting my source code control and work item management from IBM Rational Team Concert (Jazz) to GitHub.

I originally used Jazz because I’d heard about when I worked for IBM New Zealand and thought it was a very good idea. The source code control is nice and the integration with work items and their flow works well. However, now I feel I’m in a bit of a backwater. Sharing code with Chef cookbooks is hard; with git I can pull down the upstream changes and merge them with what I’m doing. We’re starting to use git at my current employer and I want to build up some experience.

I needed a way to get my work items from Jazz into GitHub’s Issue system. I wrote a Ruby script to do just that. This script may be a useful starting point for you if you need to do any access to Jazz’s REST API or to do the conversion I did.


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